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these days & weeks have long to expire

but the taste upon lips have ripen

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Jeamie plays the Stereotypical Anorexic Model who sleeps around & spouts poetry in a vain attempt to fill that empty void inside where she thinks love is supposed to go
99 red balloons, a skyline fracture, a static lullaby, adult swim, afi, alkaline trio, all thats left, alli with an i, allister, anime, aniversary, at the drive-in, ataris, atreyu, bayside, beloved, blink182, blueline medic, bondage, bowling for soup, boy kicks girl, boy sets fire, braid, brand new, brandtson, breaking benjamin, bright eyes, cartoons, coheed & cambria, cradle of filth, criteria, cursive, dashboard confessional, days away, dead poetic, desaparecidos, eighteen visions, element101, epicure, erogenous zones, evergreen terrace, fall out boy, fenix tx, finger eleven, food, from first to last, full fit, further seems forever, get up kids, grade, green day, handcuffs, happatai, hardcore sex, hatebreed, hawthorne heights, home grown, hopes fall, hot water music, inme, invader zim, ivory joe, jeamie, jets to brazil, juliana theory, kama sutra, keepsake, last days of april, loudermilk, mae, mary mary, midtown, mission hill, modest mouse, morning sex, movielife, muse, my chemical romance, my hotel year, name taken, new amsterdams, nfg, no fun at all, norma jean, obtaining sexual gratification, ok go, on broken wings, one fifth, open hand, penfold, pennywise, plain white t's, released, restraining devices, role playing, samiam, senses fail, set to fall, sex, silverstein, simle empty soul, sky came falling, something corporate, spongebob, starmarket, sugar sugar, sushi, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the appleseed cast, the color red, the cure, the early november, the faint, the masked animals, the plus nomination, the postal service, the promise ring, the starting line, the verve, the verve pipe, thrice, thursday, tsunami bomb, twothirtyeight, ultimate fakebook, underoath, vandals, vendetta red, vex red, weezer, wheatus, yellowcard